AML Policy

We are committed to ensure payments are secure and AML compliant. Continue reading to learn more!

Why do we need compliance?

Bitcoin like other Crypto-currencies unlock so many options for us without regulator influence. This is a good thing and that is why we choosed to built StashWave on top of a decentralized payments infrastucture. We wanted to create a platform that is fast and with less bureaucracy. 

As we walk on this important journey, i.e to connect the world using Bitcoin network, we have to acknowledge that great power comes with even greater responsibility. We want to create a safe world. We are creating interperobility between Crypto and local fiat currencies. It is our goal to do this well without breaking systems. We want to create efficiency and convininece. 

For us to achieve the above nobel goal, compliance is inevitable. StashWave adhere to the guidelines set by FINRA rule 3310 for Anti-Money Laundering activity.

Compliance FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on how approach to AML

  • What personal information do you collect?

    StashWave will collect personal information including your full names, identity documents e.g national ID, passport, driving license etc, your face/photo for us to properly identify you. We will also request for address and proof of address and this might include your utility bill, and bank statement among others.

  • Who do you share my information with?

    Primary need of personal information is basically for transaction purposes. StashWave might share this information with partners e.g banks and mobile money providers for indentification and compliance purposes.

  • How safe is my personal information?

    StashWave works with Sumsub and which is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant. StashWave also have a privacy policy and security standards that ensure safety of your information form unauthorized access.

  • Is StashWave GDPR compliant?

    StashWave has implemented most of the elements of GDPR e.g you have the right to know how we use your information, you are able to retrieve the information we have about you and many more. Read our privacy policy for more deta ils on our approach to GDPR.