Affordable and Optimized Bitcoin Payments for Business

Stashwave is a Bitcoin payment gateway that provides merchants with the security and peace of mind they need to accept bitcoin payments. We make it easy to get started accepting Bitcoin, and our customer service is top-notch.    


Faster and Affordable payments

StashWave is built on top of Bitcoin Lightning network to provide an affordable and faster payment option. Get instant confirmation and withdrawals.

  • Easy to start

    Stashwave provides an easy way to receive Bitcoin payments. With our app, you can quickly and easily receive Bitcoin payments from your customers.    

  • 100% uptime

    Our node has high throughput and always online. This guarantee high success rates in routing.

  • Affordable

    Get started easily. We charge only 1% for invoice transactions and channels setup.

Receive payments instantly and not in days

Better than cards and many other wallets. Payments is lightning fast and based on both the Main Chain and the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Get instant payments to your Bitcoin wallet with our automated and scheduled withdrawals.


Maximize your profits

StashWave is design to make it easy for users to pay you. In case a user does not have Bitcoin or own any coins, we help them to acquire and pay through their fiat wallets e.g Cash App, Card, PayPal and even Zelle. 

Customers have freedom to choose how they want to pay and at their comfort. Reduce risk and Maximize your profits

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Affordable and a more connected payment service

We bring together various providers and payment methods to make payment work for everyone. This ensures that you are paid timely and in an affordable way.

  • More money in your pockets

    Affordable fees than any other providers. StashWave is built on top of Bitcoin Lightning Network - It is fast and affordable.

  • Secure and transparent

    Affordable fees than any other providers. StashWave is built
    on top of bitcoin lightning network
    It is fast and affordable

  • Global support

    Many ways to get paid

    We have aggregated top payment methods in the world. With a single link we provide many ways
    for you to get paid - this mean more revenue for you

  • Instant payouts

    Add your Bitcoin address for instant or schedule payouts. We'll well pay you immediately we finalize a checkout or as per your preference.